Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last Night At The Creek

Well it's been two years since we moved to the Lena Street Lofts
(off Second Street) and it's been a good run durning the most difficult
economic times I have experienced.

If you are wondering why I have changed so much, (it's not me) it's just
that Buster Keaton illustrates my point...times are tuff. So two months
ago I put into motion a plan that might help create some prosperity for
me and the Creek. Consolidation, but not like the big guys do. Instead
I am going to once again live and work in one space, 413 Salazar Place
right here in the 87501 (Santa Fe). It was not an easy decision for me.
I originally move to the "Land of Enchantment" to, well be enchanted.
So I have lived in the countryside for the last five years and now for the
first time I am going to get out of my truck and walk to the co-op, farmers
market and even a little cafe around the corner. On paper it all makes too
much sense and will save me enough to get HBO and even go to Italy.

The new space is very roomy and comfortable.....a party for all my friends!