Saturday, May 14, 2011


I have recently come to realize that over the last five years most of my clients have been women. Bright, articulate, creative, imaginative, political, passionate, talented, deep, worldly, beautiful, precise, romantic, experimental, carefree, loving, nurturing, earthly, stylish and every other possible description you can imagine an artist and her work can be attributed too.

For me, as a printer and as a man I have found the experience to be wonderful, fulfilling and thought provoking. In my professional and personal life I have strived for and not always attainted, an understanding of how the opposite sex sees the world. It is somewhat different than men, but in the final analysis, it is all artists and their creations that bring us joy, challenge and amaze us, which makes the world a more interesting place to live in. I would like to honor and thank those women I have had the privilege to print for:

Susan Thelwell  Susan Stella  Toni Greaves  Tushita  Wendy Jordan
Valerie Romano.

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