Monday, March 7, 2011

Box Sets Make The Best First Impression

For the last seven years we have been creating box set portfolios for many photographers and other fine artists. My philosophy was simple, take the path that most successful fine art photographers take, build a portfolio and present it. Usually a box set would come later in game for an artist, an offering of a "body of work" as a coda to a career of many shows, publications and of course being collected.

All the major fine art photographers have created box sets and they are indeed a wonderful way to present. My approach was to bring this idea forward in the artist timeline, utilizing the digital printing format, the box set has become a tool to present an emerging or unknown artist to the world. The formality of the box set assists in open doors for shows, publishing and can be tool to create an environment for individual print & portfolio sales. I thought, why wait, "you" need all the help you can get right now.

For more info and examples please visit our Box Set Gallery and site on Artnet.

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