Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In and Out of Balance

With all things, the state of the world, at home here in the "United States" and even our Santa Fe, there is a need for balance. I know this as a printer, it's all about finding that sweet spot that every print has. The way color will pop naturally when neutral is found and then you push for the right hue and chrominance (saturation). The shadow and highlight detail is all about balance and compromise. Choosing the paper or material to print on, the texture and the base tonality. So much depends on balance, on experience, on knowledge and on chance. Then there is the artist and what they contribute. I have often said that Rush Creek is the Switzerland of printing, for my contribution must live in balance with what the artist wants. I try to achieve with every print, in a process of collaboration and joint knowledge, the right balance. I wanted to write about our world being so apparently out of balance, but in the end I decided to write about printing. Something I know.

Joanne Teasdale's Paintings and Photography can be seen on the Box Set Gallery and her website.

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