Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Where to begin, if you haven't heard Rush Creek has moved and now is located in the heart of Santa Fe just off St. Francis and Agua Fria at 413 Salazar Place. I am always around, I live here too. Wonderful house, very comfortable digs, everything fits including the big Epsons and my film production office.

Saturday February 11th at 3pm there's an open house party
at the Creek and everyone is invited!  Please rsvp at steve@rushcreekeditions.com

This winter the Creek has been busy printing large for a bunch of folks here and in California (fun and challenging to make em big) including; Caren Alpert, Robert Stivers, Lynn Lown, High Desert, Vic Lee, Renie Haiduk, Carola Clift, Christopher Benson, Susan Ressler and of course Jamey Stillings (below).

In addition I completed projects for Meridel Rubinstein, Joanne Teasdale, Juliet Wood, Neil Schauf, Ron Whitmore at Artisans, Beals Abbate, Patricia Curtis,
Howard Stein, Genevieve Russell, Terry Heffernan, Philip Metcalf, Jane Bernard, Lisa Folino. Thank you one and all.

I am also teaching workshops on printing for photographers and serious amateurs as well as a special project for curators and archivists, a comprehensive program to further their understanding of the digital medium. A complete offering of workshops
and schedules will be forthcoming.

Wait, there's more...

This year I am also an adjunct instructor at IAIA College (Institute of American Indian Arts), teaching Senior Portfolio for the Studio Arts department and learning the Native American aesthetic. I will also lecture in February at The Santa Fe University of Art and Design) on the business of photography for Maryanne Redding the new Chair of Photography there. Sharing knowledge is becoming more important with every passing day and it's fun be back in that environment.

My opus, 291 finished principal photography last November on the short, "Looking for Mr. Stieglitz" which is now in edit. I am so excited I can hardly wait. Hope to screen the film in Santa Fe and San Francisco Bay Area in May of this year and then off to film festivals and with luck Hollywoodland.

Just re-capping it all makes me want to just find a warm beach in the Mediterranean and read more magical realism and mystery......for now it's back to work....and breakfast for Mr. Boots!


PS  For those of you who don't know Mr. Boots, well come to the party and take a meeting.


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