Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thinkin bout all that matters

It's Sunday and I am in between the pundits, playing guitar, gardening and my thoughts.  First of all, I wish the Sunday news shows would not book Anne Coulter. She can make even George Will sound reasonable. Back to the blog! Sundays are usually very lazy and not full of introspection, but seeing that my writer's block has lifted here goes...

All that matters, now that's a theme if I ever heard one! I am alive and kickin after a close call with my arteries and heart, but thanks to a great surgeon, Richard Gerety and his team I am on the mend. There is a lesson here, what you eat and how much exercise you get is directly related to your health.  It's really a big deal and I never really gave it much thought and now it's foremost in my day to day. The doc said, "live life more like an athlete and less like a nerd." I have already started.

Speaking of politics and what matters, Obamanos does. That's what we call him here in the land of enchantment. Bearing his middle road tendencies,     he is the right choice and now that we are in the stretch  I believe that the message of a strong middle class as an engine for the economy is on target. After all we buy all the goods and services, except for the bombs. I guess we buy them too, our tax dollars hard at work. The dems seem to be more compassionate towards the people and the environment so they have my vote this time. Mitt Romney, is that the best they could do?

Music matters! Everything sounds beautiful after you have a touch with mortality. The guitar has come to me and I am grateful. I grew up with guitarists around me,    I was a drummer back then and my pals all played guitar. I was always a sucker for a great solo. I was free in my rhythm making to really listen, wow so much emotion. In fact I was there a couple of times to help buy a guitar for my friends who played, an honor! Now it's my turn, I just hope my cramped figures will free up and find the notes and chords I am looking for. I am jazzed.

Speaking of jazz, I want to put in a good word for my dad's pal, drummer Shelly Manne who died in 1984.   He was such an inspiration to me and so many other musicians. I grew up sitting stage left at the Manne Hole in Hollywood listening to all the greats. Hearing and seeing them put so much heart into the music gave me a sense of true passion over much of my life.
There is a powerful message in jazz, you can hear it when the players bring back the melody after the solos, harmonize and duet and give us the gift one more time as we wait for it to shower over us again.

Which reminds me, we have had some rain as of late and the whole region is grateful for the moisture. My garden is going in late this year for obvious reasons, but I am glad to be working again outside. No veggies this time, but perennials, that's the theme this late in the summer.  Lavender and roses take center stage with some "pink adobes." We are movin out the gravel and replacing it with walking bark mulch. Softer on the feet and the eyes. It pleases me to plant and tend a garden. It's funny, when I lived in California I didn't care as much, but the growing season is short in New Mexico and with the water being so precious I felt it was my duty and privilege. It's my fifth year gardening.

Now the close.  If there was anything to glean  from these last few months, it's the the power of friendship. I am humbled by all of you, your love and concern, the smiles and tears, work and food, the presence in my life.  Thank you all.

Love Z


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